ethereal guardian by shinigami wyvern
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Ethereal guardian by shinigami wyvern

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This mod uses modified version of the vanilla Ark creatures, and allows ANY of them to spawn with a custom ability and a custom stat tier. In addition to this, all creatures are rideable and can be tamed, no exceptions. This means no creature is left behind, no creature is given limitations as to which abilities or stat tiers they can acquire, and everything has a use. Dynamic generation is also allowed on items through an imbue system that allows you to upgrade items via RNGgenerated affixes buffs , allowing them grant bonuses to player or creature stats, resistances, movement speed, and even some custom effects.

More dynamically generated systems are in the works, like randomly generated quests and special events. As of now, there are creatures, with 48 abilities and 6 stat tiers, creating 46, possible creatures in Ark Omega, and this number will only sing. Creatures All kibbles can be made in the omega workbench. Normal: Weakest tier of creature and are tamed with regular kibble Beta: Stronger than normal and and can be tamed with beta kibble Alpha: Stronger than beta and can be tamed with alpha kibble Prime: Stronger than alpha can be tamed with prime kibble Ultimate: Stronger than prime and can be tamed with ultimate kibble Omega: The strongest tier of creature that can be tamed and is tamed with omega kibble..

Boss: Cannot be tamed God: Hard bosses of the game and hard to beat than boss tier creatures. Cannot be tamed Group god: The current semi-final bosses of the game harder than gods.. What makes Death Parade so unique is that these individuals must engage in innocuous recreational activities like billiards or darts to determine the fate of their souls.

Yusuke Urameshi is a teenage delinquent who meets an unexpected end. Botan, the anime's resident Shinigami, intervenes to give him a renewed purpose. Botan largely stays by the sidelines as Yusuke's journey intensifies, but she remains an important part of the anime. Descendants of Darkness is full of Shinigami, but it looks at death and soul reaping as a monotonous job rather than as a terrifying experience or thrilling battle.

Tsuzuki Asato is a highly skilled Shinigami , but he has lost his passion as his position becomes increasingly filled with paperwork. Asato receives a new partner and finds a new passion for his work and it's a very unique angle on the world of Shinigami.

Momo, Girl God of Death is a quick watch with only six episodes, but it says a lot in that time and digs into a softer side of Shinigami. Rory looks like an innocent girl, but she's an immortal demigoddess with super strength. Her mighty scythe that makes swift work of those that get in her way. Rory can regenerate any damage that she takes and her high intellect makes her able to brilliantly strategize her way out of most situations. Although it's remained dormant for years, it always returns for a new adaptation, much like the central character Boogiepop.

Boogiepop Phantom looks at a Shinigami with a mythic status that surrounds her sporadic appearances that result in chaos and fear. Boogiepop terrorizes the most beautiful and privileged high school students and forces them to prematurely confront their mortality. Boogiepop Phantom works because its titular Shinigami functions more like a mysterious serial killer than an impartial deity. Soul Eater is full of Meisters and living weapons that operate as a duo to absorb souls into their Death Scythes before the evil kishin forces improperly claim them.

Soul Eater subverts Shinigami lore in some exciting ways and fleshes out the concept to be something bigger and more complicated. Sebastian might be the most prominent Shinigami , but Grell is Black Butler's most vicious death bringer. Grell blatantly disregards Shinigami rules in favor of his own violent compulsions. He has a hunger for death that goes unmatched. The fact that he transforms his death scythe into a chainsaw so that he can administer a more visceral punishment should be enough proof of Grell's twisted nature.

Bleach turns Shinigami into a more common role and sets Ichigo on a dangerous adventure where he takes out the evil Hollow spirits that threaten the innocent. Ichigo becomes a deadly Shinigami, but Bleach looks at how this responsibility can also be a burden and how it takes over his life.

There are stronger Soul Reapers in the series, like the founders of the Shinigami Academy, but Ichigo makes the biggest impact. Death Note's premise revolves around a powerful notebook that gives its owner the power to take lives by writing down names in the tome. Ryuk pushes the whole Death Note scenario on humanity because he's bored with his responsibilities as a Shinigami.

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Stream Ethereal by Wyvern on desktop and mobile. Play over million tracks for free on SoundCloud. Stream Ethereal by Wyvern on desktop and mobile. Play over million tracks for free on SoundCloud. This mod uses modified version of the vanilla Ark creatures, and allows ANY of them to spawn with a custom ability and a custom stat tier. In addition to this, all creatures are rideable and can be tamed, no exceptions.