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All betting odds

I put a stopwatch on myself and timed how long it would take for me to open my browser and complete steps and it was, to be fair, only just over a minute. But that was for one match and one market. If I am doing a football accumulator, I will have to repeat the process for every game, 4,5, even 8 games. And then it is unlikely the same bookmaker will offer the best odds on every selection.

So who do I bet with to get the best odds accumulator? Quick and Easy For Football Accumulators Don't check which bookie offers best odds on every game, use the bookmaker that offers best football odds more often! I may want to make a bet on Monday night football, an acca on Tuesday and Wednesday on the Champions League and some more on Thursday on the Europa League. Before you know it, the weekend has come and I'm checking tomorrow's football betting odds all over again.

That's before I've even started looking for the best odds comparison on horse racing! I could spend up to an hour comparing odds and making sure I get the best price on every bet. As above, this is not a bad thing, that 1 hour spent could, and should, make sure you get bigger cashback when you win.

It is sensible to do so. But what it also means is you will have Multiple betting accounts. Money in bookmaker accounts instead of in your pocket. Spend more time doing odds research instead of form research. The Quick Way to Get The Best Odds Every Time Get Better Odds More Often By using the regularly updated information in this guide, you can ensure that you are beating the odds by knowing you are getting the best prices available more often, without having to do any running around.

Are you using the right bookmaker to get the best odds more often with your betting app? Chances are, if data is anything to go by, you have between 1 or 3 betting apps on your mobile phone. Most likely just the one. But does that bookmaker give you the best odds on the sport you bet on most often? Making Odds Comparison Easier Than Ever Just scroll down to see which bookmaker is best odds by sport, or choose a sport and find the best odds bookmaker - It works both ways Take a quick check from the menu on the sport you bet on regularly and see who is at the top.

Is it the same bookie as the app on your phone? If it is, well done, you are getting the best odds and the biggest profit on your winners you can get by using that bookie. Simply click on a link on this page for the bookie that offers the best odds for your sport, you can get the welcome offer and start making those bets with the bookmaker at the top of the list.

Check your sport below and see if you have the right app on your phone for the sport you bet on Just 1 or 2 apps on your mobile What more could you want than the confidence you are getting the best odds more of the time without having to search around. Updated every month we check the all the betting odds every day from a range for the top online bookmakers, we then compare them to find out who has offered the best odds more often across various sports.

Best Football Odds Everybody knows someone who bets on football at the weekend. In addition to understanding the difference between the three methods which bookmakers use to calculate and display odds, you can always use odds conversion tables or odds calculators to ensure you have the prices clear in your mind before placing your bet. We will cover implied probability later in this guide.

For Europeans the most common format is decimal, where a price such as 3. However British and Irish punters are also beginning to become more familiar with decimal odds over time. Fractions are easy to understand but the format can be somewhat limited to familiar prices, whilst more precise odds are increasingly required by bookmakers and experienced punters. Fractional odds express the profit the bettor will make against their stake, if their bet is correct.

This a 1. Although it takes a while to adjust from thinking in fractional odds to decimals they are becoming increasingly popular as they accurately convey to the punter the exact return they stand to walk away with if their selection comes in. Decimal odds provide purer calculations and are increasingly common on online platforms as bookmakers cater to ever growing international audiences.

Decimal odds are also frequently used on betting exchanges. Follow the patterns of typical decimals odds such as 4. You can always use a bet calculator or an odds conversion table like the one we include below to cross reference prices if you are unsure. Remember though, is evens, so your returns are exactly double what you put down. With any negative moneyline figure beyond the price is odds against and you stand to make less profit than the stake amount.

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