xcom enemy unknown ethereal
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Xcom enemy unknown ethereal

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For additional assault firepower, elite alien troops use Alien Grenades , which are more powerful than their human equivalent , yet have the same blast radius. All alien small arms are set to self-destruct after their user's death, although they may leave behind Weapon Fragments which can provide basic insight into the technology.

Melee Weaponry[] Berserkers possess wrist-mounted blades for extra damage, although the creatures themselves are dangerous enough. Chryssalids are living weapons themselves, ripping their targets to shreds with their poisonous claws or implanting their victims with their eggs. The Zombie , an intermediary between a healthy humanoid and a newborn Chryssalid, is a surprisingly sturdy and similarly medium-heavy hitting monstrosity.

Seekers EW are floating cloaked isolator hunters who disrupt your squad construction and gameplay planning. They use a unique weak, continual strangulation martial concept which is most dangerous if you are not prepared to deny it while dealing with others. Robotics[] The aliens have never been observed using manned ground vehicles but instead rely on advanced robotic units for support.

Unlike the other specimens we've examined, there is little to indicate that it was genetically enhanced, at least not with the same ambition as the others. Strangely enough, we have uncovered similarities between the " Ethereal " brain and that of the Sectoid Commander. Both show the same enhanced synaptic connections, confirming our suspicion that this is the likely source of their power.

These Ethereals appear to have an incredible pool of psionic energy at their disposal The Unit Analysis View should provide additional information about this creature's combat capabilities in the field.