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Biotech investing 101

How many other industries rely on scientific mysteries that can be challenging to even highly qualified PhDs? What Is Biotechnology? Biotechnology companies focus on novel drug development and clinical research aimed at treating diseases and medical conditions. They are almost always unprofitable, and many have no revenue at all. In fact, some stock analysts would suggest that the main distinction between a biotech and a pharmaceutical company lies in profitability.

It can take a decade to get a new drug from the test tube to the pharmacy shelf. Differences Between Biotech and Pharmaceuticals There is more than a little gray area between what is biotech and what is pharmaceutical. Nevertheless, investors should keep a few general points in mind. Strictly from an investor's standpoint, biotechnology is a risk-taking enterprise, while the pharmaceutical industry is about managing and diversifying risk.

A pharmaceutical company has successful drugs in the market, new drugs in various stages of development, and a research arm working on long-term projects. A biotechnology company is a research science-driven endeavor that aims to develop a useful application based on a breakthrough discovery.

Biopharma, the development of drugs produced from living organisms, is just one aspect of the biotechnology industry. As most biotechs have insignificant revenue or income, dividends are exceptionally rare in biotech. In contrast, dividends can comprise a significant part of the expected return from a pharmaceutical stock. By comparison, marketing and sales are the principal strengths of many big pharma companies.

Biotechnology companies increasingly are taking the lead in new drug development. Pharmaceutical companies are pulling back from expensive basic research and are increasingly becoming massive marketing machines that look to the biotech world for innovation. Models and valuation derived from cash flow are quite relevant in assessing pharmaceutical stocks.

While many analysts gamely attempt to construct discounted cash flow models for early-stage biotechs, the reality is that success is often quite binary "drug works" or "drug doesn't work". The FDA requires that all companies establish to its satisfaction that a potential new drug is safe and effective for its stated purpose. In order to get FDA approval, biotechs must establish a sufficient body of information that the drug is safe and effective.

This is generally done through a series of at least three clinical trials. This is the date by which the agency will issue a decision on the application. These committees review the application and issue an opinion as to whether the FDA should approve the drug based on the information that is currently available. The FDA will either grant approval and allow the company to market the drug or it will issue a complete response letter CRL.

A CRL is tantamount to a rejection, although it does highlight the FDA's concerns and allows the company to collect more data with the option to reapply later. When the FDA is in a conservative posture, safety and clean data become paramount and equivocal drugs often are rejected.

When the FDA is in a more liberal posture, some of these rules are not applied as rigorously and drugs with a somewhat dicier risk-benefit profile often make it to market, particularly those drugs meant for diseases with few other treatment options. What Biotech Investors Need to Know When considering a potential biotechnology investment , there are several additional factors to keep in mind: The Pipeline A biotech's pipeline is everything, and it is the source of the company's presumed and projected value.

Generally speaking, investors should try to focus their attention on companies with multiple Phase 2 programs that is, multiple drugs in Phase 2 testing, not a single drug in multiple Phase 2 studies. It is true that single-product biotechs can be big winners when they succeed, but the reverse is also true.

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How to setup an ethereum miner rig Further reading Ready for a master class in biotech investing? The St. The Bottom Line Make no mistake, biotech investing is a very risky endeavor, and failures outnumber successes. Medical science and. Our mission is to deliver affordable, safe and high-quality vaccines and bio-therapeutics that help people prevail over diseases.
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Point spread in basketball betting The CBI portfolio is comprised of biotechnology and biotech investing 101 device companies Overall. The surge was the result of the biopharmaceutical company's receipt of FDA Amgen reported mixed results for the quarter. That's just a fact. She finds oncology as particularly an exciting area within biotech. Differences Between Biotech and Pharmaceuticals There is more than a little gray area between what is biotech and what is pharmaceutical. This allows for the company to build up their cash base, and ties into point one above.

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