private investing in real estate
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Private investing in real estate

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By thinking in buckets, you may be able to better asset allocate your capital. Oftentimes, investors will just sit on their cash for long periods because the amount of money to be reinvested is too intimidating. Thinking in buckets and percentages may make reinvesting easier. Looked like a good deal to me When I first saw this investment, I was excited. Student housing generally provides sticky rental income.

Property prices in Toledo were also dirt cheap. This was exactly the type of investment I was happy to diversify into given I owned mostly expensive single-family San Francisco real estate. Being in a social-raging apartment complex was the last place you wanted to be during a pandemic. Unexpected bad things happen all the time! This is why diversifying your private real estate portfolio is important. Do not get easily smitten by amazing marketing material either.

Every deal always seems amazing if marketing is doing their job right. Doing your due diligence is a must! Before making any investment, always view a real estate deal with skepticism. Figure out what could go wrong.

Accept losing money is inevitable when it comes to investing in risk assets. Therefore, you must invest in a risk-appropriate manner and diversify. Your best real estate life might be living in Texas and investing in Los Angeles real estate before foreigners begin buying up massive amounts of coastal city real estate once the borders reopen.

Whatever your living preference may be, being able to invest in private real estate syndication deals enables you to invest where you think the potential returns are greatest. Your money can now be in more profitable places at once. Money is more fungible and more fluid than ever before. Take advantage of innovation and the internet. Millions already are by relocating to lower-cost areas of the country. If you are a small business owner, you can pay yourself less and spend more Capex that year.

Conversely, if you have a dearth of private investment distributions coming, you can earn more without paying as large of a tax bill. You can pick up extra consulting jobs. Or you can reduce Capex to earn more business income. Map out your potential distributions on a spreadsheet by year.

Then plan accordingly. Otherwise, the natural course of action is just let our money sit and earn nothing. The longer you can hold on, the more you will likely make. Eventually, however, you should start spending your proceeds to live a better life. Receiving private real estate investment distributions is like receiving surprise gifts. You just know they will eventually come thanks to the investments you made in the past. I know in 20 years they will marvel at how cheap real estate prices are today.

The same thing goes for investing in rare books with autographs. People might think my investment thesis is stupid. I love to read and I love to invest in physical products that can be enjoyed. The initial investment cost for rare books is minimal. But the returns could be enormous. Books, for example, already provide a much greater return than their costs.

Enjoy your investments while enjoying your life! Types of Private Equity Real Estate Strategies When investing in private equity real estate, there are traditionally four types of investment strategies: Core is the most conservative strategy, and might only include properties offering lower-risk and lower potential returns because they exist in well-populated or well-traveled locations.

This strategy might also focus heavily on investment in high-quality, high-value properties that require very little redevelopment or maintenance. These properties offer predictable cash flows and are commonly comprised of fully leased, multi-tenant structures. Core-plus requires a bit more risk, but can offer a higher return than the core strategy. These properties require modest levels of value-added activity or enhancement to the location.

Value added is a medium-to-high-return, moderate-risk strategy that centers more on property development and market timing. In this strategy, portfolio managers purchase properties, engage in some level of redevelopment, and sell when the market is performing. Value-added properties typically require changes to management, physical improvement, or the addressing of capital constraints.

These steps include building renovations and seeking ways to increase rental rates in improving markets. Value-added strategies also include the turnaround of failing operating companies or assuming debt for control of underlying properties. Opportunistic provides the highest level of return but assumes the most risk.

With this strategy, managers purchase properties that include undeveloped land or in markets that are underperforming or lightly trafficked. Accepting Risks and Long-Term Outlook Investors in private equity real estate should understand that by investing in a fund, they must be willing to accept that their capital may be tied up for a predetermined period that could last many years.

In addition, multiple risks exist in the real estate market and a large amount of investment could be required during capital calls at a time when an individual has low cash flow. Many GPs structure their funds as decade-long investments or longer and they provide little or no opportunities for investors to withdraw or redeem their money.

The illiquid nature of private equity funds requires investors to understand the risks of keeping their money tied up for an extended period. Since limited regulation of private equity real estate funds exists, general partners aren't required to offer any updates to investors on potential investments, valuations of the portfolio, or any other additional information related to the investments. Investing in private equity real estate requires limited partners to commit significant capital and fully trust that the fund manager will meet their investment goals without having any required level of transparency.

Fund managers, however, do typically send updates to their investors and may choose to be transparent about performance in order to instill confidence in any current or future fund. The Bottom Line Prior to investing in private equity real estate, individuals must determine if they're qualified to take part in the process.

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